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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Signs and Symptoms of Syphilis for Men

Syphilis is characterized by four stages. There is an incubation period between of 9 days and 3 months between getting syphilis and showing the first signs and symptoms of the disease. The initial infection starts with about 1000 germs passed on during sex. This bacteria grow to about 100 to 200 million within 3 weeks.
Each stage has typical symptoms but these signs and symptoms of syphilis can vary or be absent.

Signs and Symptoms of Primary Stage Syphilis

The primary stage of syphilis, often begins with a sore on the part that has been in contact with the infection, the genitals, rectum or mouth. The sore feels like a button, firm, oval and round. It usually measures about 1.25com or 1/2in across. Swelling of the glands in the groin may occur but is not usually sore or tender.
You do not usually feel ill in the primary stage of syphilis and the sore heals after a few weeks without treatment. This is a problem because the syphilis has not gone. Syphilis continues to spread throughout the body.

Signs and Symptoms of Secondary Stage Syphilis

From the primary stage the disease moves into the secondary stage of syphilis. This secondary stage of syphilis can often occur after a gap of several weeks when the bacteria have spread through the body. You may start to feel unwell, features include headaches, general aches and pains, sickness, loss of appetite and maybe a fever.
Breaks in the skin occur and sometimes a dark red rash. The rash that occurs in the secondary stage of syphilis can last for a few weeks or months. The rash appears on the backs of the legs and the front of the arms and often on your back, face, hands and feet. It does not itch and may be either raised or flat in appearance.
Other symptoms can also include sores in the mouth, nose, throat, genitals or in the folds of the skin. Hair can fall out in patches. These signs and symptoms of syphilis will disappear without treatment in between 3 weeks to 9 months. The signs and symptoms of syphilis have moved to the next stage, but the bacteria are still present in the body and you still have syphilis.

Signs and Symptoms of Latent Stage of Syphilis

The latent stage of syphilis can last from between a few months to up to 50 years! There are no symptoms and after about 2 years the man ceases to be infectious. However syphilis is still present in the latent stage and syphilis can be seen in blood tests.

Signs and Symptoms of Final Stage Tertiary Syphilis

The final stage of syphilis, is known as the tertiary stage. The tertiary stage occurs in about a third of those who are not treated. Common symptoms are painful permanent ulcers on the skin, lesions on ligaments, joints and on bones. Tertiary syphilis can attack the nervous system, the heart and blood vessels that results in blindness, paralysis, and insanity.

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